City Line Park
Richardson, TX, USA

Project Details

Richardson, TX, USA

430 linear feet of ten-foot wide urban boardwalk with integrated overlooks, benches, and receptacles. Over 30 feet in the air at points, resting on helical piles.

This centrally located, rapidly growing urban plaza is home to many interconnecting pedestrian trails.

Buildings surrounding City Line Park severely limited rainwater runoff pushing the flow of water to the narrow drainage areas and compromising the preexisting trails.

Accommodating the pedestrian traffic while navigating the rainwater runoff areas was a challenge.

An elevated boardwalk for this trail allowed the natural flow of water runoff without interfering with pedestrian traffic.

The boardwalk was designed to match its urban surroundings.

TREX® composite was used to create an urban boardwalk that looked natural in its environment while also using materials that could withstand the test of time and weather.

Products and Design Files