Eloise-Butler Wildflowers Garden
Minneapolis, MN, USA

Project Details

Minneapolis, MN, USA

430 linear feet of four-foot wide “continuous curve” boardwalk that was installed from above and rests on pounded-post supports

The Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden needed a walkway installed over an existing path in a highly sensitive area that is home to a protected wildflower garden. The trail suffered from extensive erosion and degradation caused by nearby springs.

A key design requirement of the boardwalk was that it had to flow like a natural path. Additionally a key environmental requirement was that installation needed to be performed without the use of powered equipment.

Wickcraft worked closely with Cunningham Group on a design that would accommodate a constant 41-foot radius curve in both left and right directions. The deck material was locally-sourced, thermally-treated, reclaimed Ash that was pre-fabricated into deck panels with 100% under-deck fasteners.

The boardwalk was installed by Trail Source, LLC, with help from the Minnesota Conservation Corp.

Products and Design Files