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Aero Fences

Our Aero™ Aluminum Fence design is truly unique among aluminum fences because of the rounded edges found on all of the aluminum extrusions. This little change creates a sleek, modern shape that is very distinctive. 

Aero is fabricated by combining sturdier 1” x 5/8” pickets, 11/8” x 1½” rails, and 2½” posts extruded from our exclusive HS-35 Alloy. Even though the components used in Aero Fences are larger than our other residential fences, the rounded corners soften the appearance to keep it from looking out of place in your back yard.

The Aero styles are called Avalon, Coventry, Doria, and Elba, which are similar to our Residential 101, 111, 200, and 202 styles respectively. These Aero sections are produced in 8’ lengths rather than our standard 6’ long panel, so fewer posts are needed for installation. A two rail design, known as Sentry, is available as well. Sentry is produced in 6’ lengths to maintain its strength with only two rails.
CAD Drawings Jerith Manufacturing LLC Aero Fences
CAD Drawings Jerith Manufacturing LLC Aero Fences

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