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RhinoRock Concrete Fence

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RhinoRock Concrete Fence’s 6 x 9 foot prefabricated panels weigh just 230 pounds and are plain and simply easier to install than the same size concrete panel weighing 2,500 pounds. A three man crew can install 300 to 600 linear feet per day, by hand, compared to a much larger crew that must rely on the use of cranes and heavy construction equipment. RhinoRock’s concrete fence panels are manufactured by combining a high performance fiber reinforced concrete outer shell with a structural foam core. And they offer the equivalent of a 140 mph wind load. RhinoRock Concrete Fence is the right choice for homeowners or businesses who want a concrete fence system that is easy to install, easy to maintain and will last a life-time.

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RhinoRock Concrete Fence
RhinoRock Concrete Fence


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