Reef Industries, Inc.

Griffolyn® Tape FR

As part of the extensive Reef Industries product line of industrial adhesive-backed tape, we are happy to maintain a large stock of top quality Griff Tape™ FR. These rolls of industrial cloth-backed, fire retardant tape are 4" wide by 180' long. Griff Tape™ FR is ideal for, but not limited to, the following applications.

The backing of Griff Tape™ FR is white and the adhesive is beige. While it is a heavy duty industrial cloth backed tape, it can still be torn by hand with ease and accuracy or cut simply with a utility knife. The adhesive is aggressive, versatile, and adheres to most surfaces. The 4” width tape sufficiently covers overlapped panels of material with adequate coverage for both panels.
CAD Drawings Reef Industries, Inc. Griffolyn® Tape FR

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