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Monitored Edge Link (MEL-II)

Monitored Edge Link II (MEL-II) detects the presence and function of a monitored sensing edge while providing a monitored wireless signal transmission from the sensor to operator controls. A 916 MHz operating frequency gives the MEL-II an improved immunity to RF interference. By eliminating the need for coil cords and retracting reels, users save valuable installation time and create a clean appearance, free of dangling wires.

The MEL-II receiver features LED indicators for simplified diagnostics. The MEL-II transmitter is built to endure rugged environments, while being powered by standard AA lithium batteries.


• Tested with most listed commercial operator manufacturers

• Complies with the UL 325-2010 standard

• May be used as the required monitored device or as an ancillary device

Since 2009, the International Building Code (IBC-2009) has required compliance with the current UL 325 safety standard. Effective August 29, 2010, Underwriters Laboratories required that all commercial door operators bearing the UL label are required to be installed with a continuously monitored safety device.

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Monitored Edge Link (MEL-II)


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