PDS® Fence Products by Pexco, LLC

Safety Top Cap - LITE®

Pexco’s Safety Top Cap-LITE® is our most economic yet durable, plastic fence cap profile, typically featured in a safety yellow color. It is primarily used to cover the top of the chain link fence on baseball outfields, to protect the ballplayer against bodily harm.

Safety Top Cap-LITE® serves two purposes: First, the unique teardrop shape design provides protection against bodily injury by covering the exposed knuckles or barbs on top of a chain-link fence, Second, it displays nicely as a decorative trim piece to complement any galvanized or colored chain link fence system.

Pexco is the leading manufacturer of the Safety Top Cap-LITE® style product which is marketed under the PDS® brand name. With over 40 years of experience producing chain link fence enhancement products, you can be assured of the highest quality standards – from the raw materials used in manufacturing to the finished product in your fence.
CAD Drawings PDS® Fence Products by Pexco, LLC Safety Top Cap - LITE®

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