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Industrial Fence Slats

The Industrial Fence Slat is Pexco’s most affordable pre-inserted Fence Slat for commercial or industrial applications.

It features the same privacy factor as our other standard Fence Slat products. The Industrial Slat is mechanically inserted into the chain link wire fabric during the weaving process. Once inserted, the wire is finished above and below the slat (either bow-knuckle or knuckle-over), to secure the slat in place.

Pexco is the leading manufacturer of Industrial Slats, which are marketed under the PDS® brand name. With over 40 years of experience producing and supplying chain link fence enhancement products, you can be assured of the highest quality standards – from the raw materials used in manufacturing to the finished product in your fence.

Pexco is the manufacturer of the plastic slats only, we do not weave the chain link wire fabric or pre-insert these slats in the chain link fabric. For pre-woven products, please contact your fence supplier or contact us for a Pexco Industrial Slat Distributor near you.
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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Industrial Fence Slats (For Pre-Woven)
Industrial Fence Slats (For Pre-Woven)

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