Green Roof Drainage for Natural and Synthetic Turf

AirDrain for Green Roofing – What drains better than air?!

No other system comes close in installation, price value and performance!! With over 2 million sqft. installed across the nation let us show you how easy it is to use AirDrain!

AirDrain geocell has patented expansion and contraction connectors built into the part and can add valuable LEED points to any green roofing project. With a unique and extremely easy to install assembly design and 100% post-manufactured recycled content. Lightweight at only 3.1 pounds per 7 square feet, with a rating 33,552 psf. Move water rapidly or capture it for retention with AirDrain 92% air void and 400 drainage notches on each side of the part, it’s easy. No other product stacks and ships more compactly, reducing the number of trucks and the amount of fuel required to transport to the green roof job site typically to 2.

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