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Kensington Ash/Trash Urn

For upscale applications where you don’t want a traditional trashcan marring the scenery, the Kensington ash/trash urn provides a classy way for guests to dispose of waste. Cleverly concealed inside this hollow pedestal-like GFRC waste containers hides a trash receptacle, ashtray, or combination of both. In galleries and boutiques the Kensington ash/trash urn blends in with other pedestals used to display artwork. The column style appearance of this functional piece likens it to an artifact from an ancient Greco-Roman temple, giving it a museum- worthy quality far beyond average trash receptacles. Whether it’s in a hotel, casino, or entertainment venue, the Kensington GFRC waste containers carry a classic quality that gives an air of distinction to your décor. This trash receptacle blends seamlessly with our Kensington pedestal.
CAD Drawings Stone Yard, Inc.  Kensington Ash/Trash Urn

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Kensington Ash / Trash Urn, (Square)


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