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Balustrade Bench Support

Provide guests and clients with an elegant place to rest and enjoy the beautiful vistas in your outdoor or covered garden space with the balustrade bench support. The timeless beauty of this piece makes it a welcome addition to any style of décor. These handsomely carved bench supports can be paired with any of our modern stone benchtops for a cohesive look. Unlike traditional concrete benches, our GFRC and FiberStone materials offer a more enduring and contemporary element for your designs.

Place these heirloom-type benches throughout a sprawling botanical garden to provide a place to pause and reflect, or group them in conversational arrangements on a patio, poolside, or outdoor entertaining area. The balustrade bench support can also be used to elegantly display potted plants, monument and directional signage.

Large stone benches (ones that exceed 72 inches) require 3 or more supports.
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Balustrade Bench Support


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