CAD Drawings Spectis Moulders TR1212B

Spectis’ trellis design incorporates the latest maintenance free technology

with the traditional look of early 20th century architecture.

Spectis' trellis features a 100% maintenance free polyurethane exterior shell wrapping an internal aluminum structural truss, providing a 5-lb./ft2 safe loading.

Spectis' trellis is modular in design, Such as the 12' x 12' kit (TR 1212B). Each trellis comes with pre-notched beams and crosses for easy assembly

TR1212B – Complete Trellis Kit contains:

  • 9 – TRB101 3” x 9” Beams

  • 4 – TRB100 4” x 10” Beams

  • 4 – CLM100-106 with mounting flanges

  • 4 – CB100-144 Tuscan Cap

  • 4 – CB100-145 Tuscan Base

  • 4 – KIT101 Hardware to fasten Columns to both Trellis and Concrete Deck

  • and flashing for Column Caps

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