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WoodCarpet System 1
8-12 inches of WoodCarpet® combined with 3-4 inches of gravel and our Geotextile fabric make this the most affordable system that we offer. Because of kick-out under equipment we recommend 8" thickness for equipment 4 ft. and under and 12" thickness for equipment over 4 ft. Install a drainage system below your Woodcarpet and wear mats at high traffic area to extend the life of your surfacing and maintain warranty.

WoodCarpet System 11
Want an even better WoodCarpet® system that already features tremendous fall protection? Simply combine our WoodCarpet® with our Foam Drainage Pads for even greater performance. WoodCarpet® Foam pads are 100% thermally-fused, closed-cell polyethylene foam nuggets combined under pressure and heat to form a 4’x6’ resilient cushioning pad that is installed under a 10” layer of Woodcarpet engineered wood fiber to provide extra fall protection while providing superior drainage to extend the life of the surface. 

Bonded WoodCarpet Systems

Bonded Woodcarpet® can be used for accessible nature trails or to provide more accessibility to play areas by providing a unitary access route to and from entry/exit points to playground equipment. 3” thickness is recommended for nature trails and 2” thickness for playground routes. A system for each use is available on our product listings page.  

CAD Drawings Zeager Brothers WoodCarpet®
CAD Drawings Zeager Brothers WoodCarpet®

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