American Wick Drain Corporation

Double Sided Sheet Drains

Sheet Drains for double sided drainage applications are prefabricated products that consist of a perforated and formed, three dimensional core covered with a geotextile filter fabric bonded to both sides. The filter fabric is securely bonded to prevent soil intrusion into the core flow channel while allowing water to freely enter the drainage channel. Sheet drains with perforated cores are designed to allow water entry from both sides and are typically used to collect and re-direct water from a site or structure. Sheet drains are designed for use in both vertical and horizontal drainage applications. Designed to provide full drainage for large surface areas, sheet drains are constructed to various strength, flow and soil filtration requirements for a wide range of construction applications. Sheet drains collect and transport significantly more water than aggregate systems and are constructed using recycled materials providing a sustainable, cost effective drainage alternative. Sheet drains are available in 4' (1.2m) wide sheets in rolls 50'(16m) long. The core height is 1/4” or 1/2" (6-12mm) thick and provides flow capacities ranging from 9 – 21 gpm per foot of width.
CAD Drawings American Wick Drain Corporation Double Sided Sheet Drains

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