HQ & HQS Series Drains

CAD Drawings American Wick Drain Corporation HQ & HQS Series Drains
Combination drains are constructed using a patented, formed core designed specifically to transition water collected from sheet drains into a high-flow collection system. The graduated, molded core has a filter fabric bonded to one side and prevents soil intrusion into the flow channels. Combination drains function as a direct replacement to costly perrforated pipe and stone systems. By design, they are equipped to handle the water volume generated by prefabricated sheet drains. more efficiently than perforated pipe and stone systems. While pipe and stone can prevent the evacuation of water against structural walls, combination drains eliminate any delays by increasing the flow capacity at the base of the system. The result is a highly effective, sustainable, cost-effective system. Combination drains may be used alone or as a collection section with sheet drains. Combination drains are manufactured in rolls 2' x 50' rolls.

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