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NanaWall® SL73

The NanaWall SL73 offers a complete impact rated system, allowing both inward and outward opening systems to qualify, while also providing protection from water penetration.

The NanaWall SL73 has passed the most rigorous testing designed for windows and doors to be used in hurricane zones. Areas that require protection from water penetration or are located in mid-rise buildings, the NanaWall SL73 is designed to perform.

The NanaWall SL73 has achieved design pressure performance making it acceptable for up to mid-rise level exposures. For specific sizes and capabilities, please refer to the performance chart.

If you plan on needing daily access, be sure to include a swing door. Take a look at your configuration options and choose one that works best for your design.

The NanaWall SL73 features reinforced floor supported rollers, within the rolling structural post. This combination allows for high wind load performance and impact resistance. Stainless steel hinges are optional when needed.

The NanaWall SL73 features a door panel depth of 70mm utilizing an advanced thermal strut that provides comfort for all climates and excellent sound control.

The NanaWall SL73 is perfect for securing common areas and in areas exposed to heavy rain. Both forced entry rated and passing a more difficult water test, you can rely on the NanaWall SL73 when you need it most

The NanaWall SL73 featuring a 70mm panel depth and using special laminated glass options, provides one of our best choices for sound control. While delivering peace of mind as an impact rated system, you get an additional benefit of both peace and quiet.

The NanaWall SL73 features two sill options, a high-performance sill, and the low-profile saddle sill. Both sills help provide security protection from wind driven rain.

CAD Drawings BIM Models NanaWall Systems Inc. NanaWall® SL73
CAD Drawings BIM Models NanaWall Systems Inc. NanaWall® SL73
CAD Drawings BIM Models NanaWall Systems Inc. NanaWall® SL73
CAD Drawings BIM Models NanaWall Systems Inc. NanaWall® SL73

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NanaWall® SL73: Thermally Broken Aluminum Framed Hurricane Rated Folding System with Miami Dade County, Florida NOA

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