Cork Wall Tiles: Stacked Stone Cork Sheets

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Our Stacked Stone cork wall tile is one of the most unique cork wall tiles in our inventory. This large rough textured cork sheeting is designed to resemble stacked stone. Our unique natural cork sheeting is hand made one at a time with recycled wine cork strips.?The rugged wood depth and texture within each hand laid strip gives every part of this faux stone wall paneling a naturally and rugged backdrop. It is ideal for a statement wall where you wish to draw attention to a particular area or feature of your space. This faux stone wall paneling is also sublime as a half wall cover below a traditional chair rail. Replace your headboard or create an oasis in your bathroom with this faux slate wall tile. However you choose to install our Stacked Stone cork wall tiles, we know you will find that cork is the material that fills every decorating need you may have.

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Cork Wall Tiles: Stacked Stone Cork Sheets


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