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AGF Manufacturing Model 7000 and 7200 Pressure Relief Valves are designed specifically for all wet fire sprinkler systems*. Both models relieve excess system pressure caused by surges or temperature changes. The Model 7000 and 7200 comply with the requirements of NFPA 13 that stipulate a pressure relief valve must be installed on all wet systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves. The Model 7000 has a ½" MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet and is featured on our Models 1011A, 1011T, 2511A, and 2511T TESTanDRAIN® valves, Models 3011A and 3011ASG Inspector'sTEST® valves, and 1¼"—6" Model 8011 RiserPACK™ assemblies. The Model 7200 has a ¾" MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet and is included with our 1" Model 8011 Residential RiserPACK™.

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Pressure Relief Valve ( 7000 )
Pressure Relief Valve ( 7000 )


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