Natracil Stabilized Decomposed Granite

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Natracil™ organic binder is the most widely used pysllium husk binder in the United States. Psyllium husk is an organic polymer that acts as glue that binds or “stabilizes” decomposed granite or crushed aggregates. Virtually the entire psyllium husk that is used in the United States is farmed in India and China. The psyllium husk that Gail Materials uses in its Natracil™ Stabilized Decomposed Granite is of a very high grade and due to the fact that we are the largest supplier of Stabilized Decomposed Granite in the United States we purchase large volumes of psyllium husk at the lowest prices. Natracil™ Stabilized Decomposed Granite is available in many earth tone colors of decomposed granite all mined in Corona California.

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