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They may be man’s best friend, but sometimes the amount of havoc they create in your backyard makes you want to put them right in the dog house.

All that time, energy and investment to create your beautiful, green backyard lawn now littered with random holes from digging - brown patches from just doing their thing. Dead patches from traffic patterns. What’s a dog owner to do?

Our Pet Products
Can Drain Up to 680 inches/hour*

*No more digging
No more brown patches
No more replacing your sod every year
No more pesticides and fertilizers that can be dangerous if ingested
No more tracking mud and dirt in the house
And best of all, no more water!

Additionally, our Pet installations include the use of 100% environmentally safe products that reduce odors and kill bacteria. You never have to worry about unpleasant odors or germs around your family, and you can feel good that you are helping to save our planet.

All Available 2D CAD Files