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Alpha™ Tower

The Alpha® Tower brings height to your playground with multiple climbing opportunities and exhilarating sliding. Innovative climbers invite kids to scale the outside up to the 4’ and 8’ decks. Or they can reach the decks by climbing inside, ultimately reaching the fully enclosed 12’ deck for an amazing view. Kids have two great ways to get back down. The Double Swoosh Slide® lets kids slide two at a time from the 8’ deck and the curvy WhooshWinder® Slide offers a thrilling ride from the very top. The compact interior will have kids climbing and crawling to explore all the different activities. The Alpha Tower’s distinctive geometric design encourages imaginative play. It also gives kids plenty of unique ways to look out, while perforated and slotted panels provide visibility from the outside. The cool aesthetics of the Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel frame are ideal for this modern design and offer enhanced corrosion resistance for coastal environments.
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