2 Door Rear Loading Guardian Mailbox (small)

CAD Drawings American Postal Manufacturing Co. 2 Door Rear Loading Guardian Mailbox (small)
Utilize our Modular Rear Loading Series' "Building Block" concept to create a system fitting your specific needs! The variety of doors sizes allows for an endless number of potential layouts. Modules have identical widths and depths to allow them to stack upon each other. Frames lock together when stacked to form an extremely strong cluster. Mail is loaded from a separate room behind the back of mailboxes.

Designed for either private use or postal use, with approval of local postal system (not intended for USPS delivery). Standard color is black. Gold, bronze, and silver are available with a 15% upcharge and 100 door minimum. Rear Loading Modules are also available with many identification, lock, and color options. Optional snap trim, aluminum trim, clear window, and rear load back cover available.

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Guardian Series "Module C" Rear Loading (N1022117) - 2 Door Unit


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