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The Forester Awning

CAD Drawings ShadeTree Cool Living, LLC The Forester Awning
The Forester Model is a complete overhead awning system you can mount on your own wood support structure.

Designed for installation on your own wood support structure, the FORESTER model includes all the canopies, overhead tracks and mounting hardware to complete the job. Here's the ideal way to coordinate your ShadeTree awnings with the architectural style of your deck and home. The tracks are made of handsome, heavy-gauge, powder-coated aluminum that will provide years of service. 

Adapts to existing structures, or design your own. The wood structure can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Support posts can be attached to your existing deck, or placed in holes dug in the ground. Or, you can mount the awning system under an existing arbor. As an alternative to our standard, 2-sided aluminum tracks, ShadeTree┬«, awnings can be mounted between beams using our StripTrack System, or under the beams using our "under-beam-mounted" double-sided track.