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Greenbriar Awning

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If you prefer vinyl awnings with the look of solid wood, but don't want the hassle of painting, staining or weather-sealing, you'll love The GREENBRIAR.

Made of handsome, yet rugged poly-vinyl, it's virtually maintenance free. Though it looks like painted wood, there's no painting, scraping, sanding, or staining ... ever! The ShadeTree® canopies ride smoothly overhead in special tracks that are formed into both sides of the vinyl beams. Large spaces are no problem. You can you add more canopies to cover as wide an area as desired. Plus, ShadeTree Canopies has the ONLY retractable shade system that can span up to 21'!

That's what makes the ShadeTree® system unique. With longer spans you can cover more space on your deck or patio. Soon, you'll be enjoying cool, relaxing shade in the comfort of your pleasant, new outdoor room. Invite your friends over -- for a BIG party!

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