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Urban Form Self Watering Tapered Planter

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Self Watering Planters have revolutionized the balance between water consumption, vibrant and healthily plantings and the efforts and time input it takes to do this, particularly in dry climates. The unique built in water reservoir stores and captures all the water that comes in and directs it to the plantings. Water consumption is minimized through evaporation now directing more than 80% to when and where its needed. 

The benefits also extend to labour savings. Planters in the summer months require almost daily water applications to keep the soil moist and the plants healthy. Once the root systems have been established the reservoir wicks the water up to them reducing the need for daily visits and in many cases eliminates the need for watering from weekly to even monthly depending on the rainfall in that particular area. In area’s where there is heavy rainfalls not only does it store the water but the build-in overflow drain ensures the soil does not get too saturated. 

Like the other products in the Urban Form series, the horizontal 100% recycled plastic tongue-in-groove lumber provides a finished look and that also allows for easy replacement of any board by simply removing the top edge cover. This would only be necessary for maintenance as the recycled plastic lumber does not absorb moisture and will not rot due. In municipal applications where the planters need to be relocated in the winter months the entire unit can also be easily moved by forklift as there are slots in the base specifically designed for this purpose.

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