CAD Drawings BrickStop Corporation Adhesives
Brickstop Brickstik is a one-component premium polyurethane adhesive. Specially formulated to adhere to wet or frozen surfaces. Brickstik is specifically engineered for the Concrete and Paver/Retaining wall industry. Brickstik is designed to resist water and frost to permanently bond stone, brick, concrete, wood, metal, and fiberglass. Brickstik can be applied in a wide installation temperature span and will not freeze.

Vertigrip is a single-component, non-sag, hybrid elastomeric adhesive/sealant that is designed to bond a variety of substrates. With its high green strength, Vertigrip can be used on virtually any interior or exterior application including subfloor assembly, interior drywall installation, landscaping bricks/ blocks, natural stone, mirrors, crown moldings, and PVC molded extrusions.

Foam-A-Grip is a high quality adhesive based on modified polyurethane chemistry. It has been developed for use in commercial construction including subfloor assembly, interior drywall installation, SIPS panels, rigid foam insulation, EIFS systems, faux brick/blocks and natural stone. This adhesive has excellent long-term resistance to weathering, water, acids and solvents.