Natural Stone Veneer: Oxford Granite Ashlar

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This stone is imported exclusively for our customers. Perfectly split and cut, Oxford Granite has several shades of gray and some white spots.

Premium Natural Stone Veneer from Fieldstone Veneer Inc. is not only the finest veneer on market, but also has been selected from New England quarries/farms to provide dramatic texture and beauty to your project. Our products are available for architects, designers, builders, contractors and homeowners. Our product is HCA (Harsh Climate Approved) and can be used on stone siding, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, interior-exterior walls and columns, indoor-outdoor kitchen, wine cellars and much more. As you browse our collection you will find inspirations that will truly last a lifetime, created by mother nature, delivered by Fieldstone Veneer. 

Fieldstone Veneer Inc. is proud to be your first option because we stand behind our products with: 
  • Uncompromised quality premium thin natural stone veneer. 
  • 2-5 days turnaround shipping. (in most cases, next day!) 
  • Quality natural stone veneer at affordable price. 
  • Exceptional customer service always available for you.

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Natural Stone Veneer: Oxford Granite - Ashlar
Natural Stone Veneer: Oxford Granite - Ashlar

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