Kasco Marine, Inc.

J Series

Kasco J Series fountains are the perfect focal point in any pond or lake. From the 30 ft. high attention-demanding Redwood patterns, to the more elegant, 2-tired Linden patterns, each nozzle offers its own visual appeal. Designed with both beauty and function in mind, these fountains will improve overall water quality by increasing oxygen transfer. The J Series fountains come complete with control panel with 5ma GFI protection, mooring lines, and interchangeable spray patterns - all included in the fountain price! The 3/4HP and 1HP units include 5 nozzle patterns, the 2HP and 3HP units include 6 nozzle patterns, and 5HP unit includes 7 patterns, while the 7.5HP unit includes 3 patterns.
CAD Drawings Kasco Marine, Inc. J Series

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