Gravel Binding Applications

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Romex provides multiple solutions for creating resilient, permeable hardscapes. Primarily, Romex resin-based jointing mortars provide a water-permeable grout for jointing unit pavers of almost any kind, for both unbound ('sand-set') and bound ('mortar-set') paving assemblies. Unit pavers that are specifically designated as “permeable pavers” - with larger joint spaces in between - can benefit in particular from Romex jointing solutions.

Secondly, for bound assemblies, Romex Trass Bed drainage bedding mortar works as an industry-first 'permeable slab'. The incredible strength of the polymer-enhanced binding agent, with proprietary Trass additive, uses aggregate for it's structure - no rebar required - providing superior load-bearing properties, inhibits efflorescence, and yet provides small but sufficient porous channels through which rainwater can travel. 

Thirdly, applying the same resin technology, Romex provides hyper-resilient resin-bound and resin-bonded gravel solutions for tree surrounds, pathways, garden edging and the like. For resin-bound gravel, permeability is essentially the same as if the gravel was installed on its own.

For jointing mortars, let's look at how Romex's revolutionary jointing mortar technology makes permeability possible.

ROMEX TRASS BED drainage bedding mortar is a ‘permeable slab’ for a bound assembly (‘wet-lay’ or ‘mortar-set’) of unit pavers. TRASS BED replaces a conventional, rebar-reinforced slab; this layer in the assembly is no longer required. In many cases, neither is the drain mat layer. TRASS BED is the slab and the drain mat - all in one. As such, ROMEX TRASS BED is the intended and ideal sub-grade compliment to ROMEX Permeable Jointing Mortars, for any bound paving assembly. Used in conjunction with the ROMEX ADHESION ELUTRIANT thin set bonding compound, these three elements – bedding, bonding and jointing - form the ROMEX “RSG” System, which provides a unit paver hardscape that is load-bearing, frost-resistant and highly water-permeable - the first and only one of its kind in the industry.

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