Pedestal Placement - At Roof Parapet Walls

CAD Drawings Archatrak Inc. Pedestal Placement - At Roof Parapet Walls
Perimeter rows of pedestals need the two spacer tabs on the pedestal head which are parallel to the parapet wall snapped off. Pedestals can be positioned with the pedestal base as close to the parapet as possible, if not touching it. If a cant strip prohibits positioning pedestals against the parapet, cut 1.5” off the base diameter following score lines to slide the pedestal closer to the wall.

When sections of cut pavers are less than the recommended 6” wide, an approved construction adhesive can be used to attach them to pedestals for stability, and custom L-channel secured to the wall on which paver rests is another consideration. Optional perimeter spacer clips attach to pedestal heads lightly butt into vertical containment, and can be very useful for maintaining a recommended 1/8” gap between containment and outer row of cut or whole pavers.

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Pedestal Placement - At Roof Parapet Walls


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