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4" Vented Soffit

This Soffit can be installed either perpendicular or parallel to a roof-line and installs exceptionally clean with the use of the LUX Soffit J (#840) and a LUX Fascia. The LUX V-Groove Soffit comes in the 4” width to retain strength but offers 8.064 SQ.Inches of venting per Square Foot. The 4” Soffit comes in smooth or vented and can be used in combination with either the 4” or 6” V-Groove panels. These multiple combinations and installation options provide an endless array of design possibilities and maximum versatility when it comes to creating a contemporary and stylish Soffit. Like all our V-Grooves, the Soffit panel comes in all our Woodgrain, Textured, and Metallic finishes and like all LUX Steel, requires no maintenance.
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Design Visualizer

Lux Siding & Cladding: 4" Vented Soffit
Lux Siding & Cladding: 4" Vented Soffit

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