Swing Gate Operator, Residential/Commercial - SwingSmart DC

SWINGSMART DC keeps your gate moving even after AC power loss. This commercial grade, continuous duty, electromechanical operator is designed for millions of low maintenance cycles. Fast and simple installation makes it easy on installers, and it is easy to retrofit to existing sites. SmartSync™ synchronizes dual gates automatically for the life of the operators. GRACEFULLY CYCLE a maximum gate length of 20 ft or maximum gate weight of 1,300 lb. Set Open/Close speeds independently - adjustable 10 to 15 seconds. Adaptive IES (inherent entrapment sensor) optimizes gate resistance sensitivity and reduces false trips and unnecessary call backs. No heater required unless temperatures drop below -13° F (-25° C). Torque limiting manual override reduces gate hit operator damage. Covered arm elbow and safety engineered geometry reduces pinch points, enhancing user safety. The low flex, zinc plated chassis provides superior corrosion protection. Operator features an attractive, tight fitting, key locked, fade resistant, clam shell cover.
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Swing Gate Operator, Residential/Commercial - SwingSmart DC


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