Barrier Arm Operator, Road Access Control - MBAR/LBAR

MBAR/LBAR 24VDC barrier arms for road access control. Use in both single and dual gate applications. MBAR operator cycles arms from 8 to 23 ft. LBAR cycles an extra long arm from 23 to 29 ft. These sleek, energy saving modular operators have built-in control units and two loop detectors. They automatically switch to standby mode when idle to reduce energy consumption. Digital motion control technology provides graceful, smooth movement through full cycle. Limit sensing integrated in adjustable hard stops. Loop activated or time-specific open and close. Obstacle detection reverses arm on contact. Easy to configure to site specific requirements. The elliptical arm, with LED signal lights, provides high resistance to gusts of wind. Chassis is powder coated steel for long life and attractive finish. High strength steel balance springs are guaranteed up to 1,000,000 cycles. Use the Oview programmer with devices equipped with BUS T4 connection for advanced management of automation systems on site or remotely. Solar option available. Note: Optional flashing or traffic light can be integrated in cover. Optional UPS battery backup available to maintain operation in case of power outage.    Oview programmer highly recommended for programming of XBA3 control board.  
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Barrier Arm Operator, Road Access Control - M-Bar / L-Bar


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