CAD Drawings Hysecurity HydraLift
HYDRALIFT is a powerful, continuous duty, industrial grade vertical lift gate operator that clears multiple traffic lanes quickly. Well suited for snow/ice conditions and sites where additional space for swing or slide gates is unavailable. UPS models keep critical gates running during a power outage. This reliable operator locks securely and houses hydraulics and electronics in a remote enclosure.
HYDRALIFT 10 and 20, with standard 24 ft post height, lift an 8 ft tall gate panel at 1 ft/s. Reach a 16 ft high overhead clearance in 16 seconds. While the HydraLift 10F and 20F FAST models clear the opening in half the speed at just 8 seconds. HydraLift post height and gate panel size are customizable options. Lifting posts are hot dipped galvanized for superior anti-corrosion protection.  A separate HydraSupply enclosure contains Smart Touch Controller and hydraulic power unit. Proven reliable hydraulics and industrial grade components mean low maintenance and long operator life.

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