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Barrier-Free Steel Pedestal Fountain 3202G

CAD Drawings BIM Models Haws Corporation Barrier-Free Steel Pedestal Fountain 3202G
Haws heavy-duty pedestal drinking fountains, like the 3202G, use a patented push-button stainless steel valve assembly allowing for front access stream adjustment as well as cartridge and strainer access. The angled barrier-free design of the 3202G allows the square pedestal to be placed securely in multiple locations where a gravel fill is present or can be installed. Gravel fill and trough design completely eliminate the need for traditional drains that can be clogged with sand and other contaminates. Fountain comes further equipped with multiple vandal resistant components, making it uneasily disrupted, quickly discouraging the worst of vandals.

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Model 3202G: Barrier-Free Steel Pedestal Fountain


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