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Grand Pergola

CAD Drawings Hauser Industries Inc. Grand Pergola
Our 'Grand Pergola' has been professionally engineered, and features a heavy-duty all aluminum construction; 6" x 6" posts with built-in surface mount plates and concealed covers, and 5" x 2" horizontal roof slats. The Grand Pergola incorporates our proprietary Konnectr System to ensure that each design is as fluid as possible, while still meeting the requisite load and wind analysis. The Hauser Konnectr System, consisting of custom engineered Konnectr Blocks, ensures that each beam and column connection is seamless, strong and virtually undetectable. Stainless steel, countersunk hardware placed in key locations provide the finishing element to secure the connection. The frame has been designed to accept a variety of lighting and heat options. Custom sizes are also available.

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