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The Magnificent Five Fountain

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Coronado North - The Magnificent Five Fountain in Newport Beach, California. Designed by Dan Weedon from DW LA Landscape in Venice, CA. This WOW Fountain has a combination of five different pots, in various colors all in the antique stone finish:

3 Aladdin Ribbed Jars:

  • 60" w x 67" h
  • 48" w x 53" h
  • 36" w x 40" h

One Camarillo Pot:

  • 36" w x 43" h

One Camarilla jar:

  • 48" w x 57" h

You can select any other size. You can add or eliminate ribs, modify the shape, base or opening size. You can even add handles. You can add trash receptacles and ash urns as a set. Available finishes: smooth #90, semi smooth, and antique stone finish in over 120 colors.

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