Charcoal Grills: Shelterhouse Grill ( L-1500/S )

CAD Drawings RJ Thomas Mfg. Co. / Pilot Rock Charcoal Grills: Shelterhouse Grill ( L-1500/S )
Model L-1500/S offers 1350 sq. in. on twin single-level hinged cooking grates with one fire grate that adjusts to 4 levels under them.

The L-1500/S also offers continuous 360-degree rotation on theft-proof swivel attachments.

This charcoal grill stands on a 6" OD post (B8) and features a 10" sq. bolt down plate for installation onto a concrete surface.  Four 1/2" x 6" j-bolt anchors are included for installation in a new concrete footing.  Optional: Use Model ANC1-4 Concrete Anchor Kit for installation on an existing concrete surface.

Standard equipment includes (1) bolt on 12" x 36" steel utility shelf (S4). A second shelf is optional.

The L-1500/S charcoal grill includes all welded construction: 3/16" thick (7 ga.) steel grill firebox with die-formed reinforcing flanges, substantial gusseted bracing and ring reinforcement to help dissipate heat.  Grates use 5/8" dia. steel perimeter and handle bars, and 1/2" dia. grate bars.  All grate bars are welded on both sides.  Entire grill is finished with high temp non-toxic black enamel paint.

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Charcoal Grills: Shelterhouse Grill ( L-1500/S )


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