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Step Planter

The Step Planter is our newest design and has increasing popularity around New York City. The planter was the concept and brainchild of a NYC Planner who wanted to eschew the formal tapered vase planter look and replace it with eye-popping ridges not seen before in the polymer resin planter world. The Step Planter features notches, or steps, molded into the planter for an instantaneous “look at that” reaction as people walk by. The Step Planter is commonly used outdoors where its acts not only as a planter, but a barrier separating vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The biggest grouping of Step Planters can be found at Union Square Pedestrian Plaza in NYC. The Step Planter comes in 34'' or 42'' OD and can be manufactured in any color you desire.
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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Planter: Step
Planter: Step

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