Peale Pot by Guy Wolff

CAD Drawings Seibert & Rice Peale Pot by Guy Wolff

“I am so excited and happy to have the chance to do this project with Mara and Lenore of Seibert & Rice. The work they have brought over from Impruneta has always been a joy for me to see, and I am very proud to be invited to work with them and their potters. I wanted to put together a collection of pots that had a history for American gardening and pieces that might fill a gap in our gardening community. Each piece has a personal background for me and, I hope, will answer certain problems found in vessel placement in the garden. All of the pots work well together to make a wonderful presentation. I am so proud of them and look forward to seeing pictures of what you, the gardener, do with them. Yours in clay!”—Guy Wolff

Size: 23"Ø x 18.5"h (20"Ø) Code: 1076

Frost proof terra cotta. Handmade in Impruneta, Italy.

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Peale Pot by Guy Wolff


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