Omnium No Scratch® Bike Rack

The term “Omnium” is synonymous with the best overall result in three track cycling events.

Inspired by this concept, Sportworks set out to create the best overall result in horizontal bicycle parking using the following three criteria.

1. To provide clean and orderly bicycle parking in high density areas
2. To create a No Scratch®, No Interference buffer between bicycles
3. To design a horizontal bicycle rack with optimal aesthetics and streetscape appeal.

We are pleased to offer the Omnium No Scratch® Bicycle Rack as best in class for user experience and style. The Omnium Features:

  • Staggered design minimizes bike-to-bike interference, entanglement and allows all bikes to be parked facing the same way without creating handlebar interference
  • Front wheel wells to ensure consistent bicycle positioning
  • Highly secure and U-Lock compatible
  • No Scratch® bumper protects bicycle frames
  • Crossbar can be customized with your company logo or artwork
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Design Visualizer

Design Visualizer

Omnium No Scratch® Bike Rack
Omnium No Scratch® Bike Rack

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