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Our Vinyl windows are welcome additions to your home for more reasons than one. We’ve designed our vinyl for a clean look that’s virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood sashes and frames that split, rot, and require regular painting, vinyl frames are highly resistant to the environmental factors that limit the life of wooden frames. Our vinyl’s superior insulation keeps the frame tight and intact, without swelling or warping.

We’ve made it easy to perform what little maintenance is required. All single hung windows and double hung windows feature a convenient tilt-in sash for easy cleaning of both inside and outside surfaces.

Our vinyl windows can improve life inside the home as well by significantly lowering energy bills. From the quality materials used in the frames, to the double-pane insulating glass used in our assembly, PGT Vinyl windows and doors are your home’s best barrier against wasted energy. We are pleased to offer many Energy Star® rated window and door configurations.
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