Peel N' Stick: Interior

Features and Benefits

  • 16” X 48” Panels
  • Panels fit Modular, Queen, King and Norman size thin brick
  • Utility and closure size thin brick available upon special order 
  • Adhesive is factory applied onto Peel n’ Stick panel
  • Use any thin brick from any thin brick manufacturer
  • Install up to 3 square feet of brick per minute after panel is installed
  • Grout locks into panel
  • Material will never corrode or rust
  • Dramatically reduces labor costs
  • Most tools needed are tools in your collection already
  • Use over any sheathing
  • Integrated brick seat spaces the brick coursing
  • Install over existing interior walls
  • 50 year limited panel warranty
  • It takes over 150 pounds of pressure to remove brick from panel after grout is fully cured
CAD Drawings Speedymason Peel N' Stick: Interior

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