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Mid-Wall Weep Screed

Mid-Wall Weep Screed (Patent Pending) performs as an unpunched weep screed allowing excess moisture to escape the back of a stucco membrane. This screed also performs as an expansion (control) joint with twin grounds. It is installed where a framed stucco surface meets a masonry (concrete block) stucco surface. This condition is common between floors on 2-story homes and at the base of a gable receiving stucco.

The unpunched flange above must be installed extending at least one inch below the framing/ concrete joint. The weather barrier and lath should be installed over the solid upper flange to direct water to the foundation weep screed. The profile is manufactured with a 3½” nailing flange as required by code.
CAD Drawings AMICO Building Products  Mid-Wall Weep Screed

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