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Custom outdoor display cases communicate with consumers anytime, of any day or night—giving them important information as they pass by, telling them about a business, and showing awards, products, upcoming events, schedules or menus. Whatever you place inside the case communicates about the business. And the display case itself is part of that communication. It has to complement the contents, provide protection, and be well suited for the setting. Tablet and Ticket manufactures custom outdoor display cases for your specific needs. We provide custom outdoor display cases to end users, landscapers, and architects for use at township centers, park districts, schools, universities, offices, metro stations and more.  Each is built to order and may be sized and modified in any number of ways.  Whether you need outdoor message centers, outdoor award displays, restaurant menu cases, directory boards, outdoor bulletin boards, outdoor poster cases, or outdoor product displays, Tablet and Ticket works with you to develop a display that compliments the communication. Each display comes with these features:

  • Options for illumination—fluorescent, LED, or incandescent;
  • Interior surfaces include: cork, fabric over cork, laminate, plywood and magnetic;
  • Locking doors to protect contents from theft and vandalism;
  • Swing open or sliding doors to make change of contents a snap;
  • Manufactured  to be rust free and withstand the elements, keeping the display contents safe in a shatter resistant acrylic or tempered glass,
  • Weather sealed and vented to protect contents from moisture;
  • Options for mounting to a building or for a free standing post mounted display;
  • Available in stainless steel, architectural bronze (brass) as well as aluminum;
  • Designed to be functional and complement the surroundings.
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