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Access Frame Kits

The Sportsfield Specialties Access Frame Kit with Infill Retainer System is an aluminum frame structure that creates a void at the base of an AdjustRight® Football Goal Post gooseneck giving the user access to the mounting system. Two durable, aluminum filler plugs are supplied which fit snugly around the gooseneck and cover the recessed area created by the Access Frame. These filler plugs, which include perforated drainage holes, can be field or factory covered with synthetic turf depending on the playing surface. When the football goal post needs to be removed for service or play, simply lift out the filler plugs and access the mounting system. When the goal post is removed, the optional one piece, reinforced filler plug is placed into the frame.

In addition to an open frame bottom, Sportsfield Specialties has added a subsurface drainage outlet, allowing the Access Frame to be connected to a 1” drain line during construction. This provides positive drainage, virtually eliminating standing water inside the frame area. All Access Frame Kit+ models are designed to incorporate the patented SG2S® soccer goal safety system feature, which can be purchased with a GoalPak® combination football / soccer system or added in the field after the installation has been completed.
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