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GoalPak® Base Plate

Base plate mounted GoalPak® products are the perfect solution for multi-use athletic facilities that utilize a single field for soccer and football. The GoalPak® with Base Plate includes an:

  • Soccer Goal
  • AdjustRight® Football Goal Post, Rotating Football Goal Post, or Rotating / Hinged Football Goal Post
  • SG2S® Goal Safety System
  • SGMobile® Soccer Goal Wheel Kit
Recently, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) clarified an earlier determination regarding anchoring soccer goals as related to the base of a football goal post. The NFHS stated: "If portable goals are used, they shall be adequately anchored, secured or counter weighted to the ground. If used on a football field, the front of the portable goals should be at least two yards in front of the base of the existing football goalposts."

Sportsfield Specialties' innovative GoalPak® solution, provides everything needed for a multi-use field to adhere to NFHS rules by maximizing our easy-to-use products. A shared Access Frame Kit provides a single location for adjusting your football goal posts and secures your soccer goal to the playing field. The SGMobile® Soccer Goal Wheel Kit provides mobility that makes it efficient to transformation a field from soccer to football.
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