Sportsfield Specialties, Inc.

Porta-Pitch Mounds

The Sportsfield Specialties Porta-Pitch Seasonal Pitching Mound is constructed with seven aluminum sections covered with all-weather sheathing, ¼" rubber impact pad, and green or clay colored synthetic turf with a thatch layer. The center section includes a Hilltopper® Mound clay strip, allowing for complete follow-through by the pitcher and an official four-sided professional pitcher's rubber, which is removable and rotatable.

When fully assembled, the Porta-Pitch Seasonal Pitching Mound mimics an official 18' diameter portable pitcher’s mound, meeting both the 10" height and slope to finished grade requirements. The Porta-Pitch provides a durable and cost effective alternative for all multi-use baseball facilities wanting to maximize the use of their playing surface. Using external wheels attachable to the center section and detachable tow hitch (both included), the mound can be easily moved, transforming your baseball field in minutes.
CAD Drawings Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. Porta-Pitch Mounds