CycleSafe, Inc.

The FattyRack™

Following the popularity of CycleSafe’s Original WallRack™, our latest secure bike parking design is our FattyRack™. Now available to fit and properly store fat tire bikes in a simple, space saving, and economical vertical bike storage rack. Designed for fat tire bikes, the rack can hold bikes with tires up to 5 ¼” wide, as well as hold a regular size tire. We kept the important detail from the Original WallRack of supporting the rim by cradling the front wheel between two tire supports that securely hold the bike. Other vertical bike racks put stress on the bike by hanging the rim on hooks, or by holding the bike between two straight tire supports.

Designed to free up floor space, the FattyRack™ parks a bike against a wall or chain link fence to allow easy access and locking of the bike wheel and frame.
CAD Drawings CycleSafe, Inc. The FattyRack™

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The FattyRack™


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