Wood Cants & Exterior Skewback

Sylvan’s Lengthwise Sawn Cants & Exterior Skewback provide the preferred characteristics for successful concrete forming, corner bracing and blocking which include straightness, few splits, and few-to-no knots. Sylvan regularly produces a variety of sizes for quick shipment.

Surface smoothness with no knots or splits

Resistance to splitting during drilling and nailing

Precision machined for exact sizes to full-sized profile (no skimping on sizes)

Available in preferred lengths, such as 10’ & 16’

Usually available in stock for quick shipments*

Easy to count, stack and deliver bundles


*Subject to prior sale of stock on hand, and availability of replacement raw material, and carrier equipment.
CAD Drawings SYLVAN PRODUCTS, LLC Wood Cants & Exterior Skewback

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